Superannuation and Retirement Planning

After spending at least half your life working, you owe it to yourself to ensure your retirement is a comfortable and enjoyable one. Once the regular pay cheque ceases, your financial circumstances play a major part in your standard of living. And with Australia’s population steadily ageing, life expectancies increasing, and funds for social security payments shrinking, you shouldn’t leave your retirement finances to chance.

With its concessional tax treatment, superannuation is still one of the best ways to save for retirement. But the challenge is that superannuation legislation can be so confusing, and there are so many superannuation investments to choose from!

Our aim is to ‘demystify’ superannuation for our clients. We use tools that can show the amount of superannuation required for your desired retirement lifestyle, so you can clearly quantify your retirement goals. We provide access to a wide range of investment options and strategies, allowing us to tailor a flexible strategy that will help you reach your retirement goals, while meeting your other financial commitments.

Of course, the earlier you commence contributing to super, the easier it is to achieve the type of retirement you want, and the more you’ll thank yourself when that day comes. But if retirement is close in your sights and you suspect that your finances aren’t sufficiently structured, we can help devise a strategy that can make the most of your financial position.

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