Financial Planning

Our Process

In order to develop personalised financial solutions that
are appropriate for your needs, we follow this tried and true process


This is the critical step where you find out about us, and we find out about you. At or before our first meeting, we will provide you with our Financial Services Guide, which details our service including our qualifications, authorisation and what you should expect from us. Then we set out to learn more about you.

Gather data

Before we start designing a clear path to your successful financial future, we need to know your starting point. We therefore collect information from you such as details on your income, your debt level, and your current financial commitments.

Identify your goals

This is a critical step in the planning process, where we work with you to clarify and prioritise your investment and lifestyle needs and goals, and make decisions about your comfort level in regards to investment risk. Identify your financial issues Once we’ve established your current circumstances and future goals, we consider attitudes to important issues such as wealth protection, retirement and estate planning. We also identify possible obstacles to success, so that strategies can be applied to your financial plan to offset them.



Once the discovery phase is complete, we tailor a recommended financial plan in the form of a ‘statement of advice’ for your consideration that incorporates:

  • a portfolio of investments to help you achieve your goals while addressing your attitude to investment risk;
  • recommendations for wealth protection, such as income and life insurance;
  • a proposal for dealing with your estate planning wishes;
  • strategies to deal with specific issues and goals that you have; and
  • any cash flow, tax and social security issues.

Our recommendations are supported by up-to-date research on suitable investment options and economic and investment market trends, and our knowledge of current legislation.

Review and agree

Once you’ve read and understood our recommendations, together we refine and adjust your plan until you are comfortable and satisfied with the course of action.


Once you approve the recommendations, we carry out all the administration to establish your financial plan. At this point we also discuss the level of service you require from us (i.e. frequency of contact, review meetings, and access to information) and schedule subsequent meetings accordingly.


It is essential to review your financial plan at least annually. Changes to economic conditions, investment markets and your own circumstances and goals can make a major impact on the relevance of your plan. At review meetings, we work with you to reassess your plan and determine whether any refinements are required to ensure it continues to meet your needs.

Financial Planners

Chris Allan

Director, Certified Financial Planner, Authorised Representative of Lonsdale Financial Group

Tim Hutchison

Managing Director, Financial Planner, Authorised Representative of Lonsdale Financial Group