A New Way To Sign Your Documents

At The Field Group - Accounting, we are introducing a new way for you to sign important documents that come from our office.

It’s called DocuSign. It’s secure, instant and can be done anywhere, anytime, on any device – we’re happy to be introducing a solution that will make life easier for our clients.

Receive documents from our Office.

Review your document.

Sign with a simple & secure electronic signature.

That's it! 

Signed document is sent back to The Field Group.

Benefits of DocuSign

Quickly access documents and submit your electronic signature. No longer will you need to download a document, print it, sign it, scan it, and send it back to us. You also don’t need to bother sending important documents back to us through snail mail or in person. We’ve eliminated all those wasteful steps with a secure and simple online solution.

DocuSign is Convenient

Review, sign, and return documents from your favourite devices at any time of the day or night. Whether you prefer a Mac or a PC, or own a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, DocuSign is always accessible.

DocuSign is Flexible

DocuSign offers unparalleled security compliance, complete encryption, and the most stringent level of certifications and audits.

DocuSign is Secure

All types of business look towards a sustainable future. With this step towards e-signatures, DocuSign eliminates wasteful printing, instead keeping all your important documents stored in a secure cloud.

DocuSign is Environmentally Friendly

Under Australian law, electronic signatures have been recognised since 1999. The general rule is that a transaction will not be deemed invalid simply because an e-signature was used. Read more information about the law and e-signatures on DocuSign’s website.  For legal advice please contact a licensed legal representative.

DocuSign is Lawful

We're here to help

The Field Group - Accounting is pleased to introduce the DocuSign system. We look forward to speeding up the time between preparing, authorising, and submitting or lodging documents for our clients. If you have any questions about DocuSign, you can visit their FAQ page or contact The Field Group - Accounting directly.