Sale of Business

All business owners are faced with the question of, should I sell my business at some stage of their business life. Through our experience and expertise we can assist business owners with the vexed question, how much is my business worth, and should I sell?

We currently are an accredited alliance partner with BStar, an organisation that have developed a number of analytical tools in the areas of business valuations.

Through the use of these tools we can determine the current market value of your business. The determination of the value of a business is only part of the overall consideration as to whether to sell or not.

Possibly more important is how much will I have in my hands after any taxes on sale are levied. The small business tax concessions within the capital gains tax legislation are complex and have seen many legislative changes over time.

However, if applicable these concessions have the ability to greatly reduce and in some circumstances complete eliminate the impost of capital gains tax upon the sale of a business. It is imperative to seek professional advice in both the areas of valuation and tax consequences when considering a sale.

Contacts:    Dannie McKinnon and Jon Traynor

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